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Lobby Lettering & Logos

The lobby of any building is a high traffic area and a perfect place to proudly display the name and logo of your company and give visitors a lasting first impression of your business.

Be creative when designing your lobby logo and let your imagination run. It can be crafted from a wide range and combination of materials, and finished with unique and complementary textures.

Laser Cut Acrylic Letters for Lobby Signage

Choose Acrylic for a Modern, Contemporary Look

For many office spaces, acrylic cut out letters are a popular choice! Acrylic is available in many standard colors (or it can be custom painted), and your logo and letters can be individually custom cut to the height, width and depth (1/8” to 1”) you require. Depending on the application, we can flush mount to the wall or stand them off the wall to create a "floating" effect.

Metal Laminate Letters for Lobby and Conference Room Logos

A Professional Look for Corporate Lobbies or Government Offices

Get the upscale metal look and feel without the cost of a real metal alloy, choose individually cut metal laminate letters! A solid layer of .030” aluminum (available in silver, gold or brass colors) is laminated to a substrate (such as acrylic, PVC or foam), and then each letter is routed out to create your custom letter or logo. We can paint the returns to match the face and the finished product looks just like a real metal letter.

Acrylic Logo Panel Lobby Signs

Looks Like Glass, Acrylic Panels are a Popular Solution for Lobby Signage

Acrylic panel signs have become extremely popular in many office suites due to their professional appearance, easy installation and variety of customizable options. Choose from clear, frosted, or green glass acrylic, we can add brushed gold, brushed silver or a wide variety of other customizations depending on your office decor and style. These panels are lettered with your company name and/or logo and are affixed to the wall with aluminum standoffs. These Custom Acrylic Office Panels are a great way to make a huge impression at a very competitive cost.

Call us today and let us help you design the perfect lobby logo. The material, color and design options are limitless.

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