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Photoluminescent (Glow in the Dark) Products

In today’s society, safety at the workplace is of paramount importance. We are being trained that at any time, we can experience a natural or terrorist driven disaster. How will your employees safely evacuate your building during an emergency when there are no lights, or when smoke obscures the exits?

A photoluminescent egress path marking system is the answer to this question. Photoluminescent systems enable the building occupants to safely see the corridors and exits as they “light up” or “glow” when sudden darkness occurs. This type of signage can be architecturally incorporated into your existing office spaces and will only standout during a blackout condition. Photoluminescent signs and path markers illuminate (glow-in-the-dark) immediately following a power failure enabeling building occupants to evacuate safely down staircases and through passageways.

All photoluminescent products are manufactured using a non-toxic, non-radioactive phosphore-based compound that absorbs energy from ambient light sources. During a power failure this stored energy is slowly released, illuminating safety signs and path markers allowing for safe evacuation in darkness.

Photoluminescent signs, markers and exit signs

  • All-aluminum stair treads and nosing with anti-slip grip tape.
  • UL 924 listed exit signs
  • UL 1994 listed path markers
  • UL Listed handrail marking tapes
  • UL Listed obstacle marking tapes

National Visual Systems' luminous safety signs include UL listed photoluminescent Exit signs, building evacuation plans, stair nosing and path markers. Signs and markers are available on all-aluminum or PVC substrates.

National Visual Systems offers signage for your egress path marking system using Permalight technology, a world leader in photoluminescent materials design and standards writing. We have designed and installed this type of system for the Federal government and we can design and install a photoluminescent egress system for your building too.

Types of Photoluminescent Products:

  • Exit Signs
  • Egress Path Markings
  • Aluminum Stair Treads
  • Non-slip Floor Marking Tape
  • Emergency Evacuation Signs
  • Stairwell Landing Sign
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