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Title 24 Restroom Signs

The California codes require that all accessible toilet and bathing facilities to be identified by the International Symbol of Accessibility. Signs need not be provided for facilities witin a dwelling unit or guest room. Doorways leading to men's restrooms shall be identified by an equilateral triangle 1/4" thick with edges 12" long and a vertex pointing upward. Women's restrooms shall be identified by a circle, 1/4" thick and 12" diameter. Unisex restrooms shall be identified by a circle 1/4" thick, 12" in diameter with a 1/4" thick triangle superimposed on the circle and within the 12" diameter. These geometric symbols shall be centered on the door at a height of 60" and their color and contrast shall be distinctly different from the color and contrast of the door.

These signs do not have to be a standard blue color. You can have these signs as an integral part of your signage program throughout the building. Title 24 restroom signs can be fabricated using acrylics, metals, and high pressure laminate materials to complement your interior design or vice versa); signs must have a non-glare finish; mounting location and height is specific to the type of sign and symbols may be required to accompany text.

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